About the Podcast

Each week, I’ll post one new episode.

Patreon sponsors (see below) will get 1-2 bonus episodes each month. 

What can I expect in each episode:

Each week I will record one of my runs. You will hear the things I hear on a run.

The sound of two feet running. My breathing. Cars whooshing by. Horns beeping. Rain. Snow. Dogs barking. Greeting neighbors.

Before we go out for a run, I may tell you a little about the weather, or the run we’re about to do.

I don’t intend to talk during the runs, but from time to time, I will say something if it is noteworthy.

During the cool-down, I’ll typically mention a charity or non-profit that I have had first-hand experience with, in the hopes that you might give them a small donation.

How can I use the podcast?

Here are some of the ways to use this podcast:

  • Meditation: close your eyes, hit play, and focus on the rhythm of my feet or my breath. When you realize you got distracted, bring your focus back to the rhythm of my footfall.
  • Pacing:  My cadence is even and consistent, varying from 175 to 185, depending on the run type (look in the show notes for each run’s cadence). This pace can be your metronome.In the show notes for each episode, you’ll see my average cadence and cadence range. 
  • Falling Asleep: Slip on the soft, wireless, Acoustic Sheep headband, hit play and listen to the sounds until you fall asleep.
  • Run when you can’t: Injured? Traveling? Bad weather? Slip on your headphones, close your eyes, hit play and let’s go for a run.
  • ADHD/ADD background noise: Working with a non-invasive background noise helps me remain focused at work. 
  • Stress relief: Nothing clears the head like a good run.

Where can I get the Bonus episodes?

If you enjoy the podcast, here are some ways to let us know:

  1. Keep listening.
  2. Leave me a 5-star rating on the Apple podcast app.
  3. Tell your friends and family and social media fans about the podcast.
  4. Support the charities and non-profits I mention in my cool-down by sharing your time or money.
  5. Sponsor me on Patreon, and you’ll get 1-2 bonus episodes each month, of 30-60 minutes in duration. In the bonus episodes, I will share recordings of various soundscapes of the places I visit.

What kinds of runs will you do?

In the shownotes for each episode, I will tell you some info about the run. This includes my cadence (steps per minute) and the type of run; most episodes will be easy and long runs.

  • Easy: Each week I have 3 to 4 easy runs; my goal during these 3-6 mile runs is to keep a light, steady pace.
  • Tempo: Once a week, I do a run on
  • Recovery: Short runs, usually a couple days after a race.
  • Long Run: Once a week I run a 10- 18 mile long run, working on slow and easy paces over that distance
  • Speed: Once a week I have some sort of speed drills to build strength into my legs.
  • Race: In-person or virtual competitions. My favorite race distances are the 10k and half-marathons.