In which I say “whilst” thrice.

Episode 20: When a stranger yells “I wish I was out there running with you,” I respond “Come on then, join me.” Someday someone will take me up on it.

The Road to Damascus

Episode 19: This week, I was unknowingly on the road to Damascus,when a movie and a podcast turned me from Saul into Paul.

Hello Silence, my old friend.

Episode 18: Visors are a bald man’s hair in the summer. Silence in the snow is an old friend who hopefully doesn’t overstay his welcome.

You’re gonna eat a dog in the Apocalpyse.

Episode 17: Don’t judge me. We’re all going to eat dog in the apocalypse.


Episode 16: Why am I running when its 12 degrees out? Why did I call 911? Why do I do this podcast? Why do you listen? So many questions.