Chris Attig


It’s been 3 months since my last episode. Seems like a natural thing to call it an “intermission” and start anew with Season 2.

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Facebook: @theOver40Runner

Instagram: @over40Runner

Distance: 3.06 miles + 4×100 strides (.55)

Type: Easy

Cadence (Average): 178

Cadence (Range): 170 – 197

Location: State Capitol

10′ High and Rising.

(BONUS EPISODE FOR PATRONS) We start today’s 10-mile run on the Big Dam Bridge, talk about Arkansas state parks, what you should throw in a river, and more.

This is a Silent Run.

Episode 04: Aside from a short intro and calling the pace/miles, this 5 mile tempo run has no talking.

It’s all about the effort.

Episode 02: Today, we’ll run an easy 4-miler, a set of 4x100m strides, while I ponder what 2020 taught me about the importance of intent and effort.

PATRON BONUS: Arkansas River Trail (10 miles)


We’ll take a windy 10 miler, see an old man smoking a cigar while jogging, look at a tree that got treed, and spy on some pelicans. Or egrets.