How Fritz learned to walk….

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We moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, Fritz was 18 months old.

Even after paying $8,000 a month for private therapy in Dallas, Texas, for several months….

….including putting 250-300 miles a week driving to 3-4 therapists all over the DFW Metroplex….

….Fritz was barely learning to crawl.

This is a source of much disappointment and resentment for me – a topic I will someday write at length on – the state of Texas is woefully lacking in its support for children with special needs.

We were introduced to the Access School by my sister-in-law’s friend here in Little Rock, and within a short time he was enrolled and before he turned 2, he was getting 12+ hours of in-school therapy (occupational, speech, and physical) from the Access School.

Within 1 month, he was crawling.  Then he was walking.

Look at how far he has come – playing soccer in early February 2018.

Here he is 2 weekends ago, learning to play handball:

Will You Help the Access School Help More Kids?

Every year I run the Little Rock Half Marathon to raise funds for the Access School.

This year, I’m trying to reach 2 special goals:

  1. I’m trying to run the half-marathon in 100 minutes or less (that’s about a 7:40 minute mile for 13.1 miles).
  2. I’d like to raise $1,500 for the Access School.

You can’t help with the first.

Well, you can, actually.

Running that fast is hard for me – I am only 3 years divorced from a 30 year pack-a-day smoking habit.

When the going gets tough, I think of every one of you that donated to Access School, and it pushes me to do see my goals through to the end.

Please click here donate in support my run, and to help more kids get the benefit from Access that Fritz did.

All donations go directly to the Access School.

Any tips you make on the donation page go to buy my next pair of running shoes, so that I can keep doing all this running and fundraising.

Thank you for your support and encouragement!!

Click Here to Donate to Access School

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