Episode 00: Introduction

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No More Corndogs!

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Facebook: @theOver40Runner

Instagram: @over40Runner

Distance: 4.02 miles + 4×100 strides (.55)

Type: Easy

Cadence (Average): 178

Cadence (Range): 170 – 185

Location: Philander Smith College

Practicing a Masterpiece

Episode 23: There is a term used to categorize the paintings an artist uses to hone the techniques later used in a masterpiece – what is that term?

More of a strum than a stride.

Episode 22: All the time I thought I was working hard to get into my stride as a professional, and I was really being lazy and strumming my way through the life part.

In my Father’s House, there is only room for Hate.

Episode 21 – What problem does the hate solve? I’m not asking for you to give me an answer, I am asking so you think for yourself.

In which I say “whilst” thrice.

Episode 20: When a stranger yells “I wish I was out there running with you,” I respond “Come on then, join me.” Someday someone will take me up on it.